In 2014 a long time creative friend asked if I could help a friend on a project. It was a favor that was supposed to last a month. To date, this project has won Sneaker of the Year and has inspired more than a few projects for several brands. As I continue to support the vibe - from Calabasas to Hong Kong, I can't say a ton about the work or the process. But the two answers I typically give when asked about this adventure are:

1) He's a very intelligent and creative human being that is as respectful and understanding as any person I've ever met. During meetings with industry heavyweights in fashion and music he stopped to introduce himself to my son who came to model for the day. For that moment and countless others, I am always happy to jump in and roll up my sleeves.

2) I have met the most talented and kind people on this project. I sign off my emails with "Good things" because it forces me to end all communications on a positive vibe, no matter what the content, tone or occasion. Even during the craziest days of this project I've seen the positive folks succeed time and time again. Working with positive people is non-negotiable.
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