Beatrice and I begin texting at 6AM on a Sunday morning. She saw something she thought she'd like so we traded pictures for about an hour until we settled on a fishtail parka.

Then we went back to our normal lives.

A couple of months later, her husband Julio hits me up to ask about that project we were working on. Julio had some making up to do, so we got to work.
On Peter Gayatinea's recommendation, I headed over to the New York Embroidery Studio on W 36th St. I can't say enough about the professionalism and execution from this place. My son and I took an impromptu tour. We knew we were in great hands.
If you want to know if Beatrice enjoyed her surprise, you'll enjoy this post from Julio.
Because Bea loved her jacket so much, she wanted every one to have one just like hers. Almost. An M65 with the same embroidery is now available for custom order on JEX.NYC.
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