The focus of Ninety Nine Products is to "Celebrate People Who Help People" by providing access to the 99% of people to affordable, functional and stylish footwear for $99 with 99% of our marketing budget going directly to our heroes. The first shoe - the Point in Chalk - is dedicated to Teachers.

For 10 years the Business of Sports School in Hell's Kitchen NYC has focused on building students up for high school graduation (often the first in their family) and preparing students for opportunities in the world of sports off the field. 

The Teachers and staff do an amazing job at giving these students visibility to a world they understand while providing them with the skills they need to be successful.

So we gave all 280 'Adults' in the building - Teachers, librarians, administrators, security, cafeteria, etc - a new pair of kicks just in time for summer.

Thanks to Cree Parris and Jon Lopez for documenting the moment.

Good things.

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